Monday, January 6, 2014

The 11th Annual Chitra Santhe

This is my personal round up of the annual event 'Chitra Santhe,' which is held every year; where people look forward to meet artists directly face-to-face to interact, buy or just enjoy art the whole day from the Shivananda Circle to the Windsor Manor Bridge.

This year the event was no better than the previous, each year the Chitrakala Parishath makes every effort to get more funds from the Government and also get more entries from artists all over pan India, no matter how!

Me taking a photo of a reflection on a mirror being sold in the santhe in the name of art. Rules in the Entry form bar craftsman to display crafts during the santhe but who Cares?

Craft dealer selling assorted Mirrors and vases, which are found in Handicraft Emporiums 

Media persons seeking attention in the crowd

You can see replica of Vaikuntam and MF. Husain among his other artworks
Every year, organizers promise not to display paintings of reproductions by senior artists but i catch this artist from Mysore displaying exact recopies of all major artists and sell them at a pittance. 

Even artist of regional popularity are not spared, here Raman G's recopies sold by a Chennai artist 

This artist from Nagarcoil had 3 artworks created from burnt match sticks stuck to the board

Artist from Gulburga had miniature faces each measuring 5"x5"

Mass Crowd in search of Art

A bunch of AAP volunteers captured the attention of the majority of folks to enroll in their program 

Noticed less number of professional artists this year, the quality of the works are diminishing each year. Feedbacks are welcome if you beg to differ my views.....


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