Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Chitra Santhe - 16th Edition

Chitra Santhe - 16th Edition
Theme: Mahatma Gandhi, in celebration of his 150th birth anniversary

Entrance Chitrakala Parishath was decked with strings and portraits of great artists of the world

As we go further a giant 'Charaka' stares at you...

Freedom fighter from Gandhi Seva Sadhana

Kutir; resembling ashram, where weaving of khadi was on demo

Entry from Shivananda welcomed people through the eyeglasses of Gandhiji erected

A cost-effective Graphic Printing Press on display - very affordable to fellow artists to print etchings at home/studio

candid videographer

Stone sculptures

Painted bottles with Kerala mural style

Visual marketing by different departments of CKP on show

Each artist was given a space of 10' x 10' to display


The long stretch of Kumarakripa road was lined with large fibre Budha sculptures, specially for the "selfie-crazy mob" 

Artist from Chennai displaying stone sculptures & carved wooden walking sticks

An artist from Mumbai with sharp eyes of a sadhu had made brilliant portraits of 'sadhu series' priced between Rs 2000/- to Rs 3500/- for a 8"x10" sized artwork on paper.

The end of the road gives opportunities to various vendors to sell to the general public.

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