Sunday, November 21, 2010

Print Making Workshop @ the studio of an Artist - JMS Mani

Ten young highly-energetic and highly-motivated artists are coming together in one of our Karnataka's most-popular and most-loved artist, JMS Mani's Print-Makers Studio:  Harisha V Achar, Mukund Kumar, Naveen Kumar A, Praveen Kumar, Rajesh S, Sandhya K Sirsi, Santosh Andani, Suresh K, Urmila VG & Venugopal VG.

JMS Mani displaying his intricate mastery on the Zinc plate using dilute nitric acid

This photoblog will take you to the steps involved in a systemic way to the process since I am trying my hand first time on 'the art of print making' under the guidance of mentor JMS Mani, along with the company of experienced artists.  Like me there are others who are also like Kiran Mayi, Ranjitha

Zinc Plate 10 cm x 10 cm

Ranjitha grinding the Zinc plate at 45 degrees on all 4 sides evenly with a rasp file

Hard Ground is applied and spread evenly over heated Zinc plate on hot bed stove

Hard ground is spread evenly over heated bed

Plate is further reviewed and corrected for more improvisation

Burnisher tool & Arabic gum

Sheet is heated over the stove on a metal mesh with handle

Rajesh heating the sprinkled plate with aqua powder for effects, Umesh overlooking with keen interest

Black color ink is mixed with little linseed oil for proof print

Excess black ink is removed with newsprint after use of clean cloth

Sandhya K Sirsi, sponsor for the show being guided by the master

Proof print is taken to check the quality of the lines engraved and to further enhance character

Proof print

Final marking with pencil on the proof print to concentrate on the plate

After 2-3 washes in the acid bath after aquatint

All the proofs of the participants are pinned to the board for review and further guidance to improvise

Demonstrating deep aquatint on one of the Zinc plate

What is Intaglio Etching?
Read in-depth in my earlier blog on the whole process - Intaglio Etching - Step-by-step Process(2007) 

Ranjitha (daughter of JMS Mani) & Jayakumar looking on the final prints
Kiran Mayi during lunch break...
I have a weakness of collecting etchings and have a vast personal collection of more than 500 etchings of Pan Indian Contemporary Artists including Laxma Goud, KG Subramanyam.

Who are Indian Top Print makers?
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Amelia Davis said...
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A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Thanks for this insightful article. I was looking for art print makers in bangalore. Would you be able to tell me where the JMS Mani Printmaking Studio is located in Bangalore, or Jms Amani's contact details? I wasn't able to find anything on the web.

Art Enthusiast said...

@ Ambika

Thanks for writing, the studio is at Okalipuram