Monday, April 30, 2012

Collection of Vintage Cars

Owning a car is a dream to a lot of people out there, and owning a vintage car is something great, but collecting vintage cars!

Yes! this was what i discovered when I went to 'The Vintage Car Rally' at Taj West End this Sunday.

Enthusiasts @ the start off point
Crowd cheering each participants 
How i wish i had a better camera 2 shoot these beauties?


Majority of the Vintage Cars were owned by Vintage owners

Suddenly I was tapped on my shoulder and behold I saw my friend, Mansoor after a long long time, who had come to participate and was riding his friends Dodge - wow

Ford 1935

MG TC, Sports 1947 England (4 Cylinder, 1275 cc with 12.5 Hp)

Austin 14, 1939
Owner Story: Sulaiman moved from Coimbatore to Bangalore as a Jr Engineer. He bought his first car Austin 14 for Rs 4000 in 1979.

Triumph TR-3

Vauxhall 1950
Jaguar Mark V

Photographers had a field day capturing every angle of the car
Very few jeeps were seen

Unforgettable Rajdoot Bobby

Owners helping each other for some minor flaws in starting 
Rider showing off his possession refusing to wear helmet during the drive
Who doesn't remember Sholay jodi?

A 1968 Czech manufactured Java, which was used in the war with original paint and also sidecar, owned by Abhishek, 250 CC
Yezdi & Jawa ruled the 2-wheeler segment

Some 17 two-wheelers, which included Aerial, Triumph, Norton and others participated 

BMW 2-wheeler

... and lastly not the least

A Tonga that is more than Vintage & also Ecofriendly... A way to go... 


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