Monday, January 6, 2020

Chitra Santhe or Chitra Himse ~ need to ponder - 17th Edition

This years Chitra Santhe was no different than the earlier ones; the same Buddha, Ravi Varma, copies of grand masters and popular contemporary indian artworks. What motivates to visit these is just to meet our known friends again in an open art fair and spend some time together

Main entrance to the Art Fair


A true Uppi fan artwork by the artist

Theme of Bangalore scares inside the hall 

Lovely white clay mini sculptures priced at Rs 99/- each

Metal Artworks from scrap

Looking & learning 

Metal sculptures from scrap metal

grooming a child to mould clay

Day & Night Glow painting

The government have promised One Crore to the management so that they can again churn out the same kind of rubbish again for the next year .... till then,.

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