Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tips to Get into a Professional Gallery

  • Organise - Visiting card with contact address, phone number and email id for contacting, latest artist profile with artist statement, CD/DVD of earlier works and also the latest body of works, any catalogs of earlier group exhibits or solo shows, net artist price list of artworks and hard copy of few artworks (not all gallerists are tech savvy).

    Self Assessment

  • Gallery Assessment - Does your work match the gallery stocks or art shows? Few galleries are figurative oriented and few abstract oriented. Is there another artist doing similar work to your style featured in the same gallery? Does your artwork sizes fit the walls of the gallery you are looking for representation?

    Time = Money
  • Time - Time is money. Take a prior appointment of the concerned gallery owner or PR in-charge and make sure to be on time.  Do not intrude during client-gallery owner meetings. Sometimes you may be asked to meet the clients to explain your theme of artworks, so be prepared.

  • Professionalism - You are dealing with people who have the mind-set of professionals, perhaps with degrees in business or finance. While all gallerists obviously have an interest in Fine Arts, it may be from a different side of art than the interests you have. Gallerists can provide a balance between the creative zeal you bring to your work and a professional aura a buyer will expect when spending large amounts of money.
  •                All the best in your endeavor. 

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