Monday, September 3, 2007

Only temple in India dedicated to Kunti

Temples always fascinate me; not from a religious point of view but from an architectural & historic point of view, so driving on a two wheeler along the Kundapur > Kollur highway, I noticed a pointer saying 4 km ahead temple Hattiangadi.

I drove the vehicle towards the pointer and barely covered 2 km and saw a temple on the left "Sri Mahadevi Kunthiyamma's Temple" and was surprised to read it. I had never come across any temple dedicated to Kunti in any literature, magazines, or from any persons so went inside to probe further with the priest.

The priest was quite new to the temple and has been there from about 5 plus years and do not know much about the history of the temple's origin but quoted that it has been there for more than 1000 years.

There are 3 statues found of deities inside the sanctrum and I was made to believe there is an anthill behind the deities. Devotees come here to pray mainly wishing for a child by the mothers since Kunti is believed to grant their wishes true.

The pillars inside the temple are decorated with motifs of animals and lots of bells of various sizes hang in front of the deity. There is also a well inside the temple premises and also a small shed where the priest lives.

I hope it would be very beneficial if we could gather more information on this temple by the authorities or accumulate history of the temple's origin from the elderly persons living in the village nearby to quench the travelers thirst for knowledge...


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