Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best South Indian Artist - Laxma Goud

Laxma Goud seems to be my TOM (top of mind) artist ever since I have seen his works just about a decade ago. The more artworks I see of his, the more I get desperate to own them. He has the ultimate mastery over lines and detail renderings on each of his creations. You can note the boldness of lines on one of his pet topic of goat and village lady on a simple etching/intaglio.

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Women & goats are his pet subjects and the costumes of the women are usually detailed to display full glory in bold colors, form and variety too. Sometimes you begin to wonder if you are looking at some printed textbook illustration only to realize that it is indeed his drawing on paper. For those who believe that color can express more than B&W, behold the watercolor drawing of his latest creation.

From an investment point of view, none of my friends who have bought his etchings have any regrets; the only regret they have now is that they had not bought more of his works when I had asked them to and it was a paltry sum those days.

Now there are less works available but the prices have rocketed out of reach for the budding art collector and cater to only a few selected classy type of connoisseurs.


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